From the publisher – Michael Olukunmi Oluwabunmi


Growing up as a Christian with the mentality and focused mindset towards a glorious future ahead of me, but with no clearer phase by phase picture of exactly what the future look like, the water magazine project first came as a divine vision some years back.

Years pass bye,  I kept walking and running with the vision, believing GOD to confirm His words,  patiently waiting without losing focus despite all the disappointments and mockery from men and especially the most trusted and closest ones, for God’s appointed time for the vision to speak loudly for the world to hear and see.

October 7th 2017 was the day for the monthly ‘LEADERSHIP EMPOWERMENT SUMMIT’ at the Living Faith Church, Canaan land Ota- Lagos Nigeria.

I sat down in the very early hour of that faithful Saturday as one of the participant, the main speaker and the apostle of God over the Liberation Hour Commission, my papa in the Lord, Bishop David Oyedepo, at the end of the summit, made bold the prophetic declaration for SHILOH 2017 coming up in December 2017, as “A NEW DAWN”.

In the Winner’s family, usually the SHILOH of the outgoing year always open – up the prophetic verdict of the in – coming year. It is therefore clearly understood for all Winners’ family globally that the year 2018, in prophesy, is “MY NEW DAWN”.

That was a divine signal. Devine signal requires calmness and stillness to take further details. There is always Gods own pattern for every vision that comes from Him, in same way Noah was given the pattern to construct the Ark of God in the Bible. And Prophets are “Gods TIME KEEPERS on earth.

Jesus indeed made it happen through the prophetic declarations of Bishop David Oyedepo in late 2017 and the eventual emergence of Aqua360Degree magazine in 2018.

The end result is that AQUA360Degree Magazine finally hit the market in grand style.

To God be the glory, today the vision has started speaking and it is speaking as a “Noiseless Breakthrough”.

I therefore welcome you all on board this flight of Aqua360Degree magazine, a 2017 “New Dawn” prophesies, in reality in 2018.