This is the platform to showcase WASH events like, UN World Water Day celebration,  UN World Environment Day celebration,  UN World Toilet Day celebration,  Seminars,  meetings,  Workshops, Conferences  etc, as organized by companies, governments, NGO’s and individuals.

It is also the platform to share celebrations like success of a particular product or service over the years, company annual anniversary, product launching, send forth, retirement, end of the year or annual general meeting
(AGM) , etc.

You can invite us for the coverage of any of the above mentioned. The coverage will be published in our magazine and the videos will also be showcased to the view of the public on Aqua360Degree TV channel on YouTube.

As soon as we are officially contacted and an agreement reached, our media team will be on ground to have a physical assessment of the event venue and to take further instructions from our clients ahead the event.
This will enable our media crew prepare well to attain successful coverage of the event