Our environment makes news every day. There is always one issue or the other that needs urgent attention from a particular level of government in Nations across the globe, on a daily basis.

Funny enough, all these issues form the news, and they seem to be unending. They keep re-occurring with each passing days, even with repeated government intervention.
In our publications, WASH news and issues will be featuring prominently in all our bi – monthly editions.

So many times, in Africa, the relevant authorities to act and address such environmentally risky issues may not be aware that something has gone wrong somewhere.

In our own way, we will be publishing such environmentally risky issues to the world,  make official report to the relevant authority that is directly connected and also do follow – up to ensure that the needful is done by such authority.

Our field and media team network base will be ensuring easy access to information relating to environmentally risky issues and news from the streets, communities, localities, towns and municipals. Such information’s will always attract prompt response from our field and media crew.

The video coverage by our media team will be published to the public on Aqua360Degree TV channel on YouTube and Vimeo.