Fitness can be simply defined as the level of the soundness of our health. A good or bad state of health is a measure of how we are. In sports and in the medical field, technological advancement has come up with machines and equipments, that are being used to measure, access and determine the state of our health and as well as our level of fitness. It can therefore be concluded that a healthy man or woman is 100% fit or not 100% fit, depending on the context from which we are looking at it, whether from sickness or sport (involving physical exercise) angle, or other activities like work.

Nutrition in simple terms is the food we eat as it relates to how balanced our diet is based on our body needs per time. By extension, the quantity and quality of our nutritional diet is a major factor that must be seriously and religiously taken into consideration at all times. In one hand, just as “Fitness” is a measure of the state of our health, “Nutrition” on the other hand is a major determinant of how healthy or un-healthy we can be, per time.

But what is the relevance of Fitness and Nutrition in WASH?

Every day we drink water, including all WASH officials and WASH professionals (on and off field), everybody drink water. The quality of water we drink can either make us sick or healthy. The food we eat and the drinks/fluid we drink enter our body through the mouth. This implies that water forms part of our nutrition that we take daily. Any un-kept or not well treated water that we drink carelessly can be dangerous to our health. With this condition, our fitness level is put at risk.

There are also the questions as follows:

  1. How many litres of water can someone drink during a meal?
  2. Generally on a day (out of meal time), how many litres of water can someone drink?
  3. Is it good or healthy to drink water very early, first thing in the morning?
  4. Is there any health risk for drinking water very early in the morning?
  5. Is there any health benefit for drinking water early in the morning?

Basically we all know that in cooking our food, either pastries or our local foods, the major material used on a daily basis in the kitchen is water. Sanitation and Hygiene preaches clean, sanitized and healthy environment at all time. The kitchen is not left out. Therefore in cooking well and cooking healthy foods, we need to keep a healthy and clean kitchen.

In this section of the magazine, we will be accommodating “Fitness and Nutritional” experts to share from their wealth of experience in the form of articles, fitness tips and nutritional tips, trainings, seminars, etc on our online magazine and print edition platforms.

Readers will be learning on the type of diets to eat, the quantity to eat per time and the foods to avoid per time. The Fitness and Nutrition section of the magazine will hopefully be providing solutions to so many concerns, challenges and long standing issues, related to Fitness and Health of many readers. Readers will also be learning about physical exercises that can be done to maintain constant fitness and good health.

Apart from the fact that water aids speedy digestion of the food we eat in our system, what other function or importance do water play in our body? The experts will be sharing with readers.

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