Michael Olukunmi Oluwabunmi (Editor – In – Chief)


In our elementary class, we were taught that “Living things is anything that has life”. The biological definition of ‘living thing’ says: Any organism or a living form that possesses or shows the characteristics of life or being alive.

The existence of water all over the world round, points to the fact that water shows the characteristics of “life or being alive”.

The yearly seasonal downpour of rain all over the world, the underground water exploration that makes water available at the earth’s surface for the use of mankind and the provision of surface water supply schemes are unquestionable proofs that water carries the characteristics of a “living thing”, which is ‘life or being alive’.

On the global scene, anytime water is summoned to answer the call of nature, it is always available, and always on duty. Water does not disappoint. Water never fails to deliver. Water is the living thing that gives life to uncountable other living things to exists.

No wonder it is always said that: “Water is life”.

Toilets are anchored on water supply. The engine room that keep toilet running, no doubt, is water. Toilet and water work together. The good thing is that water can exist alone, while toilet majorly is dependent on water to survive and to remain productively functioning.

Without mincing words, toilet is very vital to the existence of living. Be it in the developed urban cities or in the rural settings, toileting is part of our daily life activities.

AQUA 360 DEGREES WATER MAGAZINE, is on board to join other existing water magazines to publish WASH news, events, developments and other related issues.

What a joy, the birth of this water magazine.

On behalf of the management and crew of AQUA 360 DEGREES WATER MAGAZINE, i welcome you all on board this “Life Promoting Water Magazine”.

Zimbabwe has had her rough times under the former president, Pa Robert Mogabe. Today, the leadership of Zimbabwe is in new hands and the government headed by Emmerson Mnangagwa has started putting in place transformation schemes, programmes and policies that will positively impact on the lives of millions of Zimbabweans.

Some of the old policies and schemes that needed to be changed are already being addressed by the new government.

Simbarashe Tsumele wrote from Zimbabwe on the “Structure put in Place by government to run the activities of Water and sanitation in Zimbabwe”

In West Africa, Ghana is a household name among other nations. Kudos to Ghana very recent past leaders and the present government for their resolution, undying spirit, commitment and sincerity that ensure all the political programmes and economic policies put in place worked and still working towards life transformation of all Ghanaians.

Jacob K. Amengor is a young WASH professional from Ghana and he also wrote on “Effects of Climate on water supply”.

In the continent of Asia, India is blessed with human resources. It is therefore not a surprise that India nationals are making waves in all their endeavors in life, wherever they chose to reside around the globe.

Chandrasekaran Jayaraman is a WASH expert from India. He shared from his wealth of experience and skills on ‘Water Treatment’.

Nature freely blessed us with so many gifts. One of such free gifts is “Water from the spring”. In the Nigeria Context, I discussed on the “Naturality and Uniqueness of spring water”, as it was freely given by nature.

Our media crew was at Ojodu market, Ojodu bus-stop, ikeja local government area, to capture events at the public toilet popularly used by the sellers and buyers in the market. The report is graphically presented in this edition. You can watch the video on Aqua360degree Television (TV) channel on Youtube by clicking on gallery of the website menu.

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