This category will be purely professional and especially on the job. Our media team will be on ground with WASH CEOs both on the field and in the office to hear them out. The CEO’s will be sharing their job experiences. Our crew will want to know: What are the challenges on the job all along and at the same time, what are the strategies they have been adopting and applying on the job that keeps them going on the job, despite all the challenges on their ways.

They will also be sharing, about the secret behind the huge success of their companies and organizations. The CEOs angle is designed to give every WASH CEOs (man, woman, old and young) the platform to share with fellow professionals and the public.

To the young and vibrant professionals, this platform is for you. It is specially designed, among other things, to give the young and up-coming professionals the needed push to make them see the need to apply more efforts to their daily activities both on and off field that will eventually give them the edge to stand out among their peers/professional colleagues in their chosen endeavors in life. This push can take them to the peak of their careers.

What makes the CEOs angle unique is that, WASH CEOs that stands out among others in the job will always be easily noticed and will be featured in this category of the magazine.