Welcome to this segment of Aqua360Degree magazine. In this segment, our WASH ICONS will be discussing in details when and how they started their careers, the journey so far, the low sides and the high sides of their careers.

They will also be sharing briefly their upbringing, academic and family lives. The interesting thing in this segment is that, it’s really going to be everything 360 degree round our WASH ICONS.

The segment is no doubt going to be featuring the most senior professionals and in – reality, experts that are of age due to decades of working experiences acquired on and off the field.

Captains of industry in WASH, who have been in the production of WASH related products and services for decades and who are still very relevant to the industry, making remarkable contributions to the industry, will be feature to appreciate all their efforts.

Videos of the interview and interactions by our media crew with our WASH ICONS will be published on Aqua360Degree TV channel on YouTube.