By Michael Jacob – Field and Media team

Whether we like it or not, Toilet has become an integral part of our life. Male, Female, Old and young uses toilet every day. Discussion about toilet, no doubt has attracted global attention today. International bodies like the United Nation (UN), World Health Organization (WHO), World Bank, African Development Bank and a host of others have become major players on toilet issues.

Water and sanitation experts, across the globe are responding positively and promptly to sanitation and environmental issues, as toilet seems to be in the center of discussion. All these developments points towards one fact, which is “The Importance Of Toilet to Mankind”

One man should be given Kudos for his efforts that eventually blew ‘Toilet’ to Global Reckon. That man is Jack Sim, the founder of World Toilet Organization.

He share with this fact that: “three years of an individual’s life are spent on the toilet. The average person uses the toilet approximately six times per day, 2.200 times per year. ​

However, there ​are 2.6 billion ​people in the ​world who have ​no access to ​basic ​sanitation and ​a huge number ​of children die ​from diarrhea ​each year ​unnecessarily”.​

At the last UN World Toilet Day in November 19th 2017, thewaternetwork team had a conversation with Jak Sim. Below are some of Jak Sim submissions:

“Three years of an individual’s life are ​spent on the ​toilet. The average person uses the toilet approximately six times per ​day, 2.200 ​times per year. ​

However, there ​are 2.6 billion ​people in the ​world who have ​no access to ​basic ​sanitation and ​a huge number ​of children die ​from diarrhea ​each year ​unnecessarily.​

Toilet was a ​taboo subject ​in 2001, what ​you don’t ​discuss, you ​can’t ​improve. ​Instead of calling a spade ​a spade, the ​development ​community ​called Toilets ​and Sanitation ​a Water issue. ​So lack of sanitation and ​poor hygiene ​conditions ​continues to ​kill both ​adults and ​children. ​We’ve got to do something.​

The media ​would not ​report on the ​professorial ​language like “​Fecal Sludge ​Management”, so ​I decided to ​make Toilet ​Sexy by calling ​ourselves the ​WTO, World ​Toilet ​Organization. Our goal is ” A ​Clean and Safe ​Toilet for ​Everyone ​Everywhere and ​Anytime it is ​needed.” We’​ll work until ​this happens”.

In our own endeavor at Aqua 360 Degree magazine, to get involved and partner World Toilet Organization in promoting the importance of Toilet to mankind, our media team was at a public toilet at Ojodu market, Ojodu Bus-stop, in ikeja local government are of Lagos state.

Our team was able to capture some of the activities that happened around the toilet arena. The report of the capturing is presented with this article by Michael Jacob. Mr Oluwadotun Olamilekan spoke in Yoruba and his views is translated in English, while Mr Maxwell Leonard spoke in Pidgin English and also translated in English.

Read the views of the people interviewed as follows:

Donatus Igwe, is an Okada (Bike) rider at Aina street end of Zenith Bank PLC, Ojodu, Lagos.

My opinion about public toilet is that, it is good as the public toilet is made available. It is not only the ojodu market people that are using this toilet, other people from afar also come to use this toilet. We have to appreciate the person that put this toilet here. As for the money being collected for the toilet usage, the money cannot be much from the fact that the toilet is readily available for them to use anytime they are pressed, to use toilet.

For example, someone who is going to the office that is pressed need a toilet to use as a matter of urgency. Such person cannot rush back home to use toilet. The person will only need to find a public toilet and pay for the usage, then continue to go to his/her place of work.

Oluwadotun Olamilekan, is a meat seller at Ojodu market, Lagos

This public toilet is really serving us. Before we have this toilet here, we used to go to far paces to look for where to toilet. People always find it difficult to get a toilet around to use. As at then we complain to the owner (Baba landlord) of this shopping complex and he built this toilet here. Now we don’t have to far to toilet again.

We the users of this toilet really appreciate the Baba that built this toilet here. The government also should build more toilets so that people can have more public toilet to use.

Maxwell Leonard runs a chemist and provision store at ojodu market, Lagos.

Unlike in other places where one can find bush to hide and toilet, here in Ojodu, there is no bush. This very reason makes this toilet to be very useful to us here in this market. For me I use this toilet regularly. The toilet is really serving its purpose better.

Blessing Osifeso, resides in the nearby community.

Yes it is good, from business point of view and as well as serving the community. For example in Lagos, if you get to the bridges and communities, you will find public toilet to use. This does not go for free. Some people built toilet and they are collecting money like N50 or N100 from users. By this the toilet  owners use the money collected to maintain the toilet and the users on their own side get comfort using the toilet, to ease themselves. On the part of the government, a lot needs to be done for the public as far as public toilet is concerned.